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Terry Musser
Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702-1271
Illinois Hunting & Outdoor Sports Association
Bill Schroeder, Treasurer
PO Box 141
Dundee, IL 60118-0141
(847) 426-4711
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Statement of the Character of Affairs of the Illinois Hunting & Outdoor Sports Association

To promote and encourage the establishment and operation of hunting preserves, game bird farms and outfitting enterprises through public educational programs and cooperation with federal, state, and county agencies.

Principal Address of the Corporation

Illinois Hunting and Outdoor Sports Association
PO Box 141
Dundee, Illinois 60118-0141

Hunting Preserves for
  Sport or Profit

Back by popular demand, Dr. Ed Kozicky’s second book on hunting preserves, Hunting Preserves for Sport or Profit, is now available in a spiral bound paperback version. The original hardbound version sold out a few years ago and this new version is the result of continued interest.

The book contains chapters on the philosophy, history, and ABCs of successful hunting preserve operation. Chapters on game birds provide in depth information on a key element of hunting preserve operation. From a wealth of experience, Dr. Kozicky addresses preserve cover, guides, dogs, profitability, promotion, hunting safety, and other matters. The book is written to be easily understood and is considered a must read for hunting preserve operators. Copies of the 210 page book can be obtained for:

$25.00 per copy plus
  $4.50 postage & handling
Contact Ed Kozicky
817 Southmoor
Godfrey, IL 62035
Phone: (618) 466-3156